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Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh what a dork and theatre junkie am I!

Is it not monstrous that this director here
Can but in a frenzy, in a dream of auditions
Force her soul so to her own conceit
And from Wednesday's debacle her visage waned.
So, mouse in her hand, .avi's in her memory,
Broken into YouTube - all these functions
Suited with forms to her own assurance -
And for nothing, for musicals!

  • Right right right. A few notes, my dearies, on how musical auditions are different from regular auditions.

  • Vocal capability and vocal range are crucial determining factors. If a role requires the actor to have a G above high C, the actor cast must be able to hit that note - and hit it well.

  • Dance capability is beneficial for some roles. If you can walk and chew gum at the same time, that's great. If you can dance and sing at the same time, that's even better.


  • Yay to cast members! It's all about energy and really "selling" yourself. You need to come in with the attitude of "Hey! Jazz hands! We're doing a MUSICAL! Whoopeeeeee!" It's silly, it's over the top, it's starry-eyed, and it's the attitude we need for this. Think of being in a perpetual "Fly Me to the Moon" state.

  • Have fun. Y'all know how to act. Have fun with it.

  • Stay strong as a family. Be there for one another. Support each other. Encourage others to do better than yourself. It's all about the greater not the individual good.

    I'm excited about auditions. (Which, again, are TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, not Monday.) And in the nonce, here's an interesting tidbit from the past! I give you....

    Brigadoon - "Waiting for My Dearie" (2003)

    King of Fools - "I Never Could Dance with You" (2005)

    Mood: Chilly. I've handwarmers on, but they seem to be doing little. Bah.
    Music: Mental "I've never been in love before" from guess what.
    Thought: Mass is sooooooooo good.
    Thought redux: Silliness abounds when one sleeps in, the family goes out, and - taking advantage of such a situation - one pries one's sleepy eyes open, finds the long mirror, and puts on a one-woman talent show a la Omar in American Dreamz. Oh, muchly fun. And no one to tell me to tone down my belting voice. HA! Yes, yes, I know. I'll sing my solo from the next town over. Le sigh.
    And for kicks and giggles: I sought, I found, I posted. Photo montage of the first ever French Butler. No, not the one that had all the lights blown out on the second night of performance. This is the first ever ever ever show I directed. Good golly. But le sigh, I was too stupid to film it. Boo.


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