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Thursday, November 23, 2006

There was once this guy...

...and he wore red and yellow tights. (I wear not motley in my brain.) Oh, it is going to kill me, or one of us. I mean, of course, studying for the GRE's. (Prayers please for Saturday morning. Murky buckets.)

So I'm taking the practice test on the verbal and looking up the ones that I got wrong and about five of them I go "oh, yes, of course," five more I go "ah, yes, I'll take slower on that part, silly me," and the remaining ten I go "WHAAAAAAT? Who came up with that answer?!?!? Does no one know the original definition of 'mawkish' that they would think such-and-so is the antonym? And why can't you use the world antonym in your directions, you silly people? And why is there no teacher to argue the answer with? Boooooooooooooooooooo."

Grrrrr. They seem to go with lesser of the original definitions, they have odd ideas about what authors intend, and their idea of synonymous meanings is completely inconsistent (since when did folly correspond to sense?). Boooooo. But I'll read up on their silly mindsets and play the game to get the score. Bah.

On to mathematics now. A bit trepidatious, since it's been eleven years since I've taken a math of any sort. Oh, how clever I thought I was when I CLEPed out of all that math and French in college. Le sigh. Here's to hoping - and le sigh I should not be surprised if it did to some decent degree - that those sluggish synapses simply snap back the long-neglected information.

Anywho, finished up to Ophelia's drowning last night. So I am about to download and edit Act V of Hamlet. I'm at 2.30 hours, which means the DVD's will definitely be over two discs. Still need to do some clean up on some of the earlier bits, and hither and yon, but it's coming along nicht so schlect. Huzzah! Right. Back to fractions. (All except Fractions!!!)

Mood: Meh. Disgruntled. One ought to be able to explain why one's choice is far more sensible. Boo.
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Thought: Thought? What thought? (What beauty?)


Anonymous The Southern (and growing more countrified by the day) Belle said...

Why oh why did no one tell us to immediately, posthaste, take that ding-dang standardized test right straight out of college?? Having done nothing BUT standardize test others for 8 years now oh! my heart trembles in trepidation at the necessity of one day taking my own and (*shiver*) having to pass in order to move on up. Which is why, as I sit here trying to uber-interactive-fy my virtual portfolio, I am ignoring my future entirely and instead listening to this:

It is an extremely silly video, by an utterly utterly Sven band (look up the website--oy!), but she has a pretty voice,and with no Em to sing at my behest, I must make due with what's available here in these here mountains.

Best of luck on the real deal test. You're a braver gal than I!

10:05 PM  
Blogger Emily C. A. Snyder said...


You are officially my hero. How have I never heard of this band? A-maz-ing. You always have the most exciting taste! Thank you so much!

I'm headin back tomorrow to relearn everything about Geometry which I've apparently *completely* forgotten. Whaddaya mean there *aren't* three right angles in a triangle? ;P

But you're quite right. Why did no one tell us to take the test immediately? Bah. Ah ca! Here's to another day of practice tests and number 2 pencils!

I hope your Thanksgiving was magnificent! Mmmmmwah,


11:39 PM  

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