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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Passed it/passed out

So, whilst having a bizarre reaction to tonight's surprise steak (not that it wasn't really steak, but that it was a surprise we had steak), and whilst waiting for forty minutes from now to arrive, I thought I'd betake me to do a leetle bit of blogging in re: the (dundundaaaah) GRE.

Point number 1: When the e-mail, voicemail and confirmation ticket all say 8:30 a.m., this apparently actually translates to Somewhere Around Nineish If The Employees Can Be Bothered On A Saturday. Who knew the test centers were run by pre-Mussolini Italians? *ducks*

Point number 2: When prepping for an exam, it is apparently helpful to sleep little the night before, get up exceedingly early, use the extra hour (from 8 to 9ish) to cram last minute math in, and curse one's short-sightedness in not bringing a waterbottle. This will, apparently, get you higher results than having all the amenities at hand and the time in the world on at-home practice tests. C'est strange, mais c'est vrai. Qui sais?

Point number 3: Sometimes essay questions will simply fall out of the sky and into one's lap. Who says there's no Providence? Huzzah huzzah, the essay question was "does mass appeal equal artistic merit?" YAY! I got to reference Schoenberg to Zola to Tolkien to Mozart. Hip hip hoorah! The very question of my thesis! *skips down the lane, distributing flowers to a baffled row of office drones*

Point number 4: Computer exams, whilst more frustrating because they don't let you go back to a question!?!?!!?!, have the benefit of giving one one's test results for the comprehensive section. To whit, I got a 630 on verbal, which apparently translates to a 94% and a 580 on math, which apparently translates to a 61%. Now, before you think I'm going to go all weepy on a barely passing math grade, let me remind you that just twelve hours previous, I'd been scoring 18% on math in the practice tests! HA! Yes! I'm not going to bother to do the percent increase! That is many many lots more! HAHHAHHA! And I'm not going into engineering so nyah! So all that remains to be seen are my essay scores, which I hope will prove excellent. We'll see.

Point number 5 and final: The only difficulty of cramming eleven years of math into one thirty-six hour period, is that when one returns cross-eyed home from Worcester and promptly falls exhausted to sleep in bed for several dreams about the square root of 3. Not. Fair. Boooooooooooooooo.

All in all good. Heading out soon. I felt like I've not *really* had a day of rest yet. Nicht so gut. Oh, dear God - amen! And thank you little Pat and Robin and Uncle John, and St. Catherine of Alexandria (feast day today! patroness of philosophers!), and Sts. Thomases (More, Beckett, Acquinas), and all others who interceded for stupid little me today. God's will, not mine. Amen.

Mood: Still reeling from brain pain
Music: The light and fluffy strains of Nicholas Nicholby
Thought: Oh, for the schlafen!


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