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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Words of Wisdom

"On edge? Mr Bucket...this is opera. Everyone is always on edge. Have you ever heard of a catastrophe curve, Mr. Bucket? ...A catastrophe curve, Mr. Bucket, is what opera runs along. Opera happens because a large number of things amazingly fail to go wrong...."

~ Maskerade by Terry Pratchett

So. True. Going to sleep soon. Spent is an apt colloquialism.

Mood: Meh.
Music: The random vibraphone music from Ugly Betty absurdly on rotation in the cranial corners.

Tomorrow: Brings singing at the Holiday Stroll. Poured all forms of tea-and-water-based liquids through my gullet today to soothe the voice. Perhaps the larynx intuits when it's time to sing "O Holy Night" again. Le sigh. But practiced here and it's much better. C'est bon. (Must start in on the OJ. Huh. It's so odd to be on this side of the whole thingamabobby. I've been watching and sympathizing with the various vocalists of my acquaintance as they hover over every vocal change based on a moment's temperature fluctuation, but I haven't really understood. I'm glad for the opportunity to understand.)

Prayer: Oh, Lord, I don't know why you should love such a foolish daughter as myself. Thank You. Change my heart, amen.

Today: And yesterday and yesterday and yesterday (crept on in this foolish pace?) were full of auditioning and casting Guys and Dolls. Uber-uber-uber-pleased with cast. And proud of all concerned. Casting is always a tough day, however, hallelujah, the actors showed much grace under fire and the read-through went very well. Beginning singing rehearsals Monday. How is it that theatre stamina has not been retained from the last show? Oddness.... Alles gut.

Kudos to: The amazing Julie who is even now at the premiere for the History Channel documentary that she was assistant costumer for this summer! Woot! The hours spent in rain and mud and knee-high galoshes surrounded by Johnny Depp (or Donny Jepp as I nearly wrote) look-alike piratey stunt man folk has not been in vain! Nor has the ability to insta-judge a man's costume size with astounding precision! Meine schweister is the most beautiful, amazing, talented young lady I know and deserves all kudos and credits and lurve! Mmmmmwah - Ich leibe dich, darling!

And all shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well. Amen.


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