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Saturday, December 09, 2006

8m (MUCHO updated throughout le jour)

In this case, approximately 8 minutes of editing done for the beginning of Act V of Hamlet. That brings us to the funeral's entrance and "What ceremony else?" That's somewhere a little bit after here:

And now, sleep rocking my brains. Full day tomorrow. Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception, everybody! And now happy Feast of St. Juan Diego! Hip hip hoorah! O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee! Amen!

Mood: Slightly triumphant
Music: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Musical Notation: (Or just notes) I was actually looking for Prisoner of Azkaban, but can't seem to locate it in any of my usual CD spots, which is why I'm listening to Chamber of Secrets - but it's awfully funny. One can tell a John Williams piece anywhere. It's that slightly floating type music - even his brass isn't weighted down. Huh.


Addendum the morning after (or later): It's actually Saturday afternoon, as I type, and isn't the screen cap of Allie as Gertrude just wonderfully terrible as the remorseless murderess at Ophelia's funeral? Yay for character development!

Mood: Mieux, merci
Music: Now Philosopher's Stone! (Sounds rather painful, non?) Still can't find Prisoner of Azkaban. Sigh.
Thought: I'd forgotten how delightful editing is.
And one more for the road: Oh. Yes. Laertes is not a Happy Camper.


Even, even later. (Or as Kristen once famously intoned, "Mooooooooooore later!" Oh, for WPLHS! Good times.) Right, so a few more screen caps, because...TA DA! I finished editing V.1. of Hamlet. (Dances merrily.) Tra la, I love the spring, as do my fingers, which are freezing. Meh. C'est ca. Worth it for the satisfaction of extended on-stage intense silences! BWAHAHHAHAAH! (And really, gents, I did try to get an action shot of Laertes and Hamlet beating the snot out of each other. But each and every one was fuzzy. Ah ca.)

Note: To see the images less fuzzy, click on the picture.


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