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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Had a Lovely Time

And now we must scream. Getting over jet lag, but some highlights: Dublin, Dublin, Dublin, St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral and the Fires of Gondor, Padre Pio following me around, Knock, Cong, Glendalaugh and the forest surrounding it, the countryside, Earnest, and most of all Jules. Drove just fine on the wrong side of the road. Still don't like beer, even if it's Guiness. Tea is lovely until there's six cups of it and no end in sight. Didn't realize how much I've come to rely on cell phones until there are none to be had. Do love visiting cities and being all boho. Forgotten just how good gelati is. Yay for credit cards. Yay for signposts pointing towards adoration chapels. Yay for great sermons. Yay for little old English ladies who are nothing to look at and therefore more beautiful for their true beauty. Yay for Dominican sisters in habit without their upper dentures who are absolute dears. Yay for twinkly eyed old men. Yay for that forest - really really gorgeous forest. I mean, as in I want to just stop here for a few days and stare at trees, that beautiful. Very Lothlorieny. Mountains I'd never want to climb but love looking at. Lovely air, too - in that part of the country, anywho.

More later. Must pick up Pete at band camp. Still a bit disoriented being back in the States. Alleluia, alleluia.

Mood: Meine knee ist kaput
Music: "So You Think You Can Dance" music - just watched the finale
Thought: Thought? What thought? I'm home. Trying to adjust to Rip Van Winklism. Uber-post-trafilflue.


Blogger Lauryl said...

oh how fun! you must write more details of your trip, and you must- MUST- post pictures. your blog is disappointingly picture-less. oh, and i've finally started a lil 'ol blog on blogspot again... toodloo!

1:43 AM  

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