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Saturday, September 30, 2006

I thank Jennie

(and I'm sure she thanks herself)

Am totally in sweet innocent romantic writing mood - aka the unicorn story. I think, since I am furious with certain parties, that I will not edit but rather see what can be done about writing - since I have not done so in a long, long time. Yay for the innocence of the Twelve Kingdoms - I'd forgotten. (Oh for Tamerin and Isllel! Better not read what I have of theirs - I won't write, then, just get frustrated that I haven't finished that story. C'est ca.)

Mood: At odds
Music: Loreena McKennit's Book of Secrets
Prayer: Lord, please - amen.
Oh, for more innocent romancey, check out my old Austenesque novels as well as the short stories. They're not fabulous, but they're fun.


Anonymous Jennie said...

You are very welcome! (?)

So last night I was up just a little too late.... but I couldn't sleep and I'm halfway through "Mairelon the Magician." Have I ever metioned how much I love Patricia C. Wrede?

And I'm not sure why I'm thanking myself... Is it because I've gained myself access to the unicorn story as well as the Austenesque (sp) novels and the short stories (Which I am about to devour, although I'm not sure its worth taking the time away from Mairelon and Kim! Just kidding, I'm going to read them of course!)

Many thanks for stories!!!
Jennie, who is also in a sweet innocent romantic mood thanks to above blogging

12:47 PM  
Blogger Emily C. A. Snyder said...

Hallo Jennie -

The actual quote is from "I Blame Jane and I'm Sure She Blames Herself" from Pride and Prejudice.

I'm thrilled you're loving Mairelon - just wait for book two! Better and better!

And thank *you* for the sweet innocent romantic mood - happiness! Have a good one!

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Jennie, who else? said...

To: Cassandra Divira (are we romantic enough in our fake names?)

Why do I keep thinking, "and we love ourselves" evertime I look at where it says, "I thank Jennie (and I'm sure she thanks herself)?"

And, still in the spirit of Hamlet (AMAZING editing by the way, just don't look at my brown nose!!):

" 'Then I'm supposed to kill you, not the Damsel.' She dropped again to a fighting stance. 'Have at thee!' she roared, brandishing her sword in an impressive but largely ineffectual gesture. " - The Poet and the Dragon.

Have at you now.

Much Love,
A stage manager who needs to get out of the Hamlet mood!

2:06 PM  
Blogger Emily C. A. Snyder said...

LOL - oyveh. Or "It had been us had we been there!"

Cassandra D'Ivrira - wow, I'd forgotten about that. See, the good thing was that it wouldn't require any numbers after it - *no one* would have that e-mail address. And it's the name of an old character.... ;P

Good golly - the Poet and the that's an old one! Oh, silly Illa....

Oh, and there's something on your nose. ;) Off to mass - God bless you!

3:32 PM  

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