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Friday, August 11, 2006

News to Me

So, lots to write, but since I just took me out for a drive and then realized a mile from my home that I wasn't fully aware which pedal was the break and which the gas (I mean, I knew, I was just spacing), I shall be brief. (Bed beckons.)

Who knew? I pass on this secret to any who ever put on Hamlet themselves:

As soon as the actor who plays Hamlet utters "To be or not to be"...everyone shuts up.

It's remarkable. It's fantastic. Huh. Weird. But now to my mother (tee hee, no, to bed). Got through the first night. Was more on-edge and jittery for this play than for any other play I can remember in recent history - or possibly ever - right up there with Salome. Utterly free-falling, terrifying experience. Because suddenly you're aware that you're putting on Hamlet and oh my God, what the hell am I doing? But it's like in Life, the Universe and Everything - so long as you don't notice the ground, you can fly.

Mood: Importunate, indeed, distract. Her mood must needs be pitied.
Music: Mental "The Attic" from A Little Princess
Goodness is: After opening night dinner. Yes, precious.


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