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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


First night off-book. Incroyable. Obviously, not perfect - a few shoes are coming loose from the feet with the names of certain actors possibly imbedded on the soles, lessen they memorize their lines - but all in all...

Tonight felt more like I was watching the first night of tech. NO.JOKE. IN-CROY-AB-LE! IN-CROY-AB-LE!!! I'm stunned. I'm thrilled. I've got one kick(pardonme)ass show. (Sorry, sorry.)


Also, betook myself and my Peter out to see POTC:DMC for the second time, savvy? And oh so savvy. Costume lust. I admit it: the first twenty minutes or so were spent simply drooling over the lace trimming on costumes and getting very frustrated at close-ups that didn't let me see the exact cut of those gorgeous brocade vests. Durn close-ups! I don't want to see his face (I mean, yes, very nice - VERY nice, Will Turner, Jack Sparrow, et cetera), but honestly - how exactly is that coat fitted about the shoulders?!?!?!? Really, people - the important things in life, c'mon now!

Actually, that's not entirely true, either. I was initially and am still subsequently very impressed with Orlando Bloom' turn as Will Turner in this movie. Very dashing. Very dashing. Honorable, heroic, noble - le sigh. It really reminded me of all those great swashbuckling stories I ever read - which, upon consideration, is actually not that many. So I must have thought of great swashbuckling stories and told them to myself and forgotten they don't actually exist outside my brain. Sigh. More work for me.

Oh! Have decided that Liam O'Brian cannot swim. And he ought to be very anal about keeping his person and his ship and everything about him very neat. Almost Scarlet-Pimpernelly if he maintained the "delicate hand" of the Lord whilst pirating - pardon me, privateering.

Best part of tonight, possibly? Dancing in the movie theatre to the ending credits. Jiggity jig! More dancing ought to be required in life. Amen. Thus quoth Zarthrustra. QED.

Anywho, because Jules ought to take this quiz and because really, really, really I did not cheat and was pretty sure that I'd get stuck with Snow White...I hereby present:

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