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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Let Be

  • Happiness is: Emperor Palpatine: Worst Boss Ever and Ryan vs. Dorkman (a Star Wars battle - very good).

  • Goodness is: a walk round the block at sunset, watching Monty Python with Mom and Peter, chocolate chip cookies and porkchops (not in that order), and knowing that Uncle John's got my back. God bless your soul, Uncle John, amen!

  • Strangeness is: these past few weeks, the upcoming weeks, the waiting, the unknowing, the anticipation, the impatience - surreal reality.

  • Answers are: seeing Jules even if briefly, long talks with a good friend unexpectedly, great discourses with wonderful students.

  • Frustration is: envy and stupidity, the constant need for charity, and the certain need for grace. So, I suppose, frustration with the self which requires greater patience and perseverence more than anything.

    Mood: Cryptic, a word which here means enigmatic
    Music: VM in a second
    Thought: I am in serious need of a better chair. I mean, dude.


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