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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The home channel odd. So, despite the fact that the running along the bottom advertisements for Matchmaker are now a week out of date, and despite the fact that M8 didn't seem keen on putting any of our promos on before the performance...I come home today to find the Promoed-Up KOF on the TV.

Which is just weird.

Cool. But weird.

And now off to play rehearsal - Passion this time - mucho prayers, please - and then home to pay bills, etc. In the words of Mal: "Huh."

Mood: Huh.
Music: Heater on
Goodness is: Getting my first pedicure last night with Jules. She loved the chair most. I loved the subsequent manicure with massage most. I hated again the aristocratic feeling most. But I love looking at my toeses and saying: "Well, ONE thing is in order!"


Anonymous Jules said...

In the words of Mal,

"I aim to misbehave."


(Posted just because I haven't seen you in over 36 hours or something like that.)

2:00 PM  

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