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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ich bin mude

Or however one says it. Have on rotation a la cranial ipod "One More Angel in Heaven" and "Go Go Go Joseph" and "Those Canaan Days" and various other inbetweener bits of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat which I saw today at the Colonial. It was...good. It was good. It just...went 100% for camp. It was in love with its own special effects and not with story. Everything was stagey and episodic - which, granted, is how the show is constructed - but there's still an emotional arc which the director apparently didn't see, didn't care to see, or didn't bother to hit. All I could think of during most of the final tableaus was: "Those aren't spirit fingers! Theeeeeeese are spirit fingers!!!" Meh.

Perhaps I'm overly critical. But when "Close Every Door to Me" has no emotional resonance and yet I'm only uplifted by the finale...hwell.

Spectacle is last on Aristotle's list for a reason. Ptooey.

Of course, all of this is compounded by current existential crisis. Or at least dilemma. (DEE-LEH-MAAAH!) Meh meh meh.

You'd never know that it was really quite a delightful day spent in Boston. But this little girl's all wiped out. And the heat isn't working in her room. Ptooey. Really. Had a good day. And now I must cry.

Mood: Regarde en haute
Music: Regarde en haute encore
Thought: This little piggy went to market....


Anonymous Kristen Halter said...

I wanted to invite you to join the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association, It's a cool group and we'd love to have you!
Kristen :-)

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