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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Waiting for the Other Shoe

  • But alas, not with Cinderella-like anticipation....

  • What does it mean when a trip to Borders is the sanity-producing event of the day?

  • Patrick Doyle has done the music for the latest Harry Potter. Listening to it now. Not quite sure how I feel about it. I really like Patrick's stuff (actually his Scottish Quiddish match is excellent), but I do miss the grand opera feel of John Williams.

  • Also picked up soundtrack to the latest Pride and Prejudice. Movie was amazing - must see it again MUST SEE IT AGAIN (although, natch, my money's going to go first to midnight showings of HP4 - I mean a geek's gotta do what a geek's gotta do) - but...sigh. P&P3. Yeah. Goooooooooood stuff.

  • Also also wik picked up the book Memoirs of a Geisha in anticipation of the film. No idea if it's good - but I just finished Thud for the second time (better second time 'round but still not as good as Going Postal or Night Watch - too self conscious - too commercial tie-ined) - and so I need a new read.

  • Began writing in The Sable Valentine today. 1300 words! Hurrah! Go me! Letters between Reinhold vyn Sturm and Giselle Prideux, his daughter. It flowed so easily, in fact, that it was difficult to tear myself from them. As a result, I've gone from thing to thing to thing today and anticipate doing so all (insert English vulgarity here) week long. Ca!

  • "Let the world do without you tonight/Close your eyes/Close your eyes/And relax/Think of nothing/Tonight"

  • Yeah, so splurged and bought the Broadway Musical PBS thingy. May stick in a disc now and bask in shows that nearly weren't. While folding laundry. Me, that is, not the musicals.

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