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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Latest thought:

Oscar by Claude Magnier and reinterpreted in 1991 for the underrated but hilarious Sly Stallone film of the same name. Just one problem: although the original play is most likely copyright doesn't seem to be at all available in the US. At this point, I'm thinking of checking out France's Amazon, buying in Euros, kidnapping the French-speaking Latin teacher and translating the dumb thing. *shakes head* The things we do....

Maybe I'll see if Anouilh has any more comedies after all. (Or heck, I'll just do the four act long retelling of the Oedipus myth: The Infernal Machine. Geesh.)

Mood: The living area's a mess. Must - clean - !
Music: Music from Buffy (seasons 5-7)
Thought: Family from Delaware is wonderful and mucho fun.


Blogger JPC said...

Just found this post as I was searching for an "Oscar" script... Any luck finding it in the last six years? :-)

1:34 PM  

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