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Monday, October 31, 2005

Anne is now Kate

Because - it's just right. And it's bendable: Kate to her husband's Jack (Astrophel's given name is Jonathan - perhaps Jakes to the Privy Council), Katherine by christening, Rhianne to those who flatter the "jealous" wife, Stella and of course Constanze. Felicity is Lissa, Licit or Licity for short to various, and Sir Flick when she, too, is in disguise. I'm tempted to have Flick be my fop - although Constanze might prove to be one as well.

So odd that in the midst of one artistic crunch I turn to another. Oy.

Mood: Must do stuff for Nutcracker. Meh. Paperwork.
Music: "I Want to be a Producer" a la the mental jukebox
Thought: In point of fact, the last thing I want to be is a producer - unless it is executive merely to exert artistic control. But boy do I wish I had the system more similar to the Savoyards right now...!


Blogger The Walrus said...

What's wrong with being a producer? :P

2:01 PM  

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