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Sunday, January 09, 2005

My hair is red

Ta ran ta ra!
And Neitzsche's dead!
Ta ran ta ra!
And the ants go marching one by one!
Ta ran ta ruh?

Anywho, doing up the costume list for King of Fools, which will lead to the other stuff on my to do list which is much shorter and more doable than I had thought before I wrote it out.

Yesterday I was in a total Poityr/Elspethian mode. But alas, events precluded me from writing in that. Le sigh. Howsomeever, some progress has been made in the understanding of Senelite history. Must seriously figure out entire history of everything but particularly the second and third Khlaov and their subsequent demises (demisi?).

Jules has been in battle baker mode these past few weeks, which means that we've been all treated to various rolls, eclaires and tonight spice cakes as Jules forges her way through thirty year old cookbooks in an attempt to nest the heck out of our corner of the world. As for me, I valiantly assist her by eating. (Well, someone's gotta clean them up, my friends. Bodies on the highway, law and order upsidedown. Someone's gotta collect them odds and a service to the town!)

I did a few haikus the other day which came out tolerably well. It's been forever since I've written poetry. Midterms not this week but next and so we all know what I'll be writing up this week. (Too bad it's not my usual curriculum - honestly, just once, I'd like to use a test I used the previous year. Is it really too much to ask? Ah ca. Keeps me on my toes.)

Otherwise, the conditioner that comes with hair dye is still hands down the best. Wonder why? Ah, sweet mystery of life, at last I found you!

Mood: Warmish - meaning, the temp's up down here
Music: The Green World by Dar Williams just ended...hmmmm, must peruse entirely too large collection (ETLC - what a bad acronym!)
Thought: I still don't quite get the Zeal of Phineas.


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