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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Scripts Falling from my Fingertips

So, as one can see from the side, it's just been a play-heavy year so far! Which is fabuloso. This past week I had Peter run Coraggio, five short plays over five short days chronicalling the Life of Saint Peter for Immaculate Conception Vacation Bible School, which according to all accounts ran very well! It was Theatre for Young Audiences, full of badgers, gummy worms, audience participation and much fun. Starring my own brother, Peter!

I also began Math for Actors, which is a short one-act about a math tutor and her actor student and the sparks that fly when one plus one equals two. Rehearsals are going well, and we go up right before Mackers, as sort of a break for the Mackers cast, an opportunity to bond and laugh and relax for a moment before going into Hell Week. Starring Keith (previously Romeo) and Brianna (currently Seyton).

I'm also working on a couple other projects, among them Supermarket Soliloquies, and the two prequels before (or rather, plays one and two, to which the third part of the cycle is) Cupid and Psyche: to whit, The Rape of Persephone and The Seduction of Adonis. Somewhere in there, I'm revising Nachtsturm Castle for kicks and giggles and the hope that picks it up after all. If nothing else, it's a good kick in the butt to get those novels out and about. (Below is a cover for myself, because everything deserves artwork. It makes it more real?)

Music: "Yellow" by the Vitamin String Quartet - exquisite!
Mood: Giddy and improving.
Thought: Good grief! It's like I can't stop writing! It's like The Red Shoes, but for my fingertips!


Blogger Lady O said...


So many exciting projects - I can't wait to collect the whole set :P

8:04 AM  
Blogger {lauryl} said...

Teach me, o great one, to be prolific like you! PS. I am looking forward to re-reading the revised NC! ;) xoxo

12:16 PM  

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