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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some more snippets

And random factoids:

  • Pink Noir goes up today. Whoa.

  • I graduate Monday.

  • Jules will be married a week from Saturday.

  • I will have a new brother that day.

  • Life? Plans? I'd love to have 'em!

    Mood: Getting pre-show anxious
    Music: None. Ambience.
    Thought: I've written/adapted 19 theatrical things that have had 22 performances, and have two more completed shows that have not yet been performed. And yet, I always feel like I'm a slacker. A good thing, I guess! Epiphany fish, that's me.


    Blogger {lauryl} said...

    what? your sis is getting married? what? you're graduating? wow, i am so behind on your life. congrats on both counts! ;)

    12:29 AM  

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