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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Dizzy with Worldbuilding

So, for whatever reason, after coming out of a rather disturbing dream this morning (the type that are real or convincing enough that although you're tossing and turning you can't wake up), and being gratefully sent on an errand and inheriting long-term loan furniture from Johnny (God bless Johnny), which I've no idea where I'll put but plan on finding a home for somewhere...I felt the urge to write The Sable Valentine - specifically from Luce's perspective.

The joy of TSV is that one can sort of pick up anywhere and jot out a few letters or journals or newspaper articles and then stick it away for another bout of inspiration (or at least the desire not to deal with dreams and new pieces of furniture). The difficulty with TSV is that because it's overlapping and intertwining's frakking convoluted. Fortunately, I've written myself up roadmaps (since this is a mystery) so that I can see who's doing what at what time and where they intersect and where they don't and who must be where when doing what. Unfortunately, I've written up these maps...and they boggle the brain.

It's all very cool. If I piece it together right, it will be fantastic and mucho fun. And I want to write it right. It's nice to give myself holiday to write - I've been on "Must clean this now before I become distracted and it ends up getting settled" mode this past week. Mostly as a distraction from a lack of distractions.

Buuuuuut, I finally watched Becoming Jane (eh - I like James McAvoy and all men should be made to wear britches and well-tailored coats - yum for early 1800 fashion!) which I rented from Blockbuster. And then discovered that I had bought. Already. And never watched. I need to clean and organize DVD's etc. better. Oy! But amused oy! :)

Anywho, in watching that - a very NON-Jane-like movie (boxing! ladies of the night! scandal!), I was reminded of how much I love and miss TSV and how I'd love to go into that world again and write for Theophilus Snow (such a great heroesque character!) and Giselle and what Luce thinks of Giselle the time they first meet and with Luce, of course, we get more Snow and how nice, too, to learn more about Delphine and her mother and perhaps see more of Poppy Gleck who is simply wonderful and who knows what other characters will pop up and now I remember that Poppy has a nephew and I'm not sure I wrote his name down in the Files for my Sanity file which is eleven pages of eight point font listing all the names of streets, numbers already used, names of everybody who's named (which is a LOT) as well as various information about cities, cultural salutations, mythical creatures, etc. and which is added to every time I write.

I just ran across this and it seems a fine way to catapult myself back into the world. From Giselle's book, from her Uncle to her Aunt (who are her guardians).

From Obadiah Greene to his wife, Evangeline
Put in the Box of Ignominy

Evie –
I’ve given Giselle leave to go to the opera tonight with Snow.
Please do not poison the soup.
– Obadiah

Mood: Excited
Music: The Count of Monte Cristo
Thought: I do love writing. Even when it's convoluted.


Anonymous Annie said...

Whee, fun! Must be something in the air...

(Worldbuilding here, too. Fantasy cliches in space, sort of.)

1:42 AM  
Blogger pao said...

hey Em, Paola here,

just dropping by to say hi, miss "talking" to you fun doing what you do, I love it!!! can't wait to "see" more of your work

(and I love James McAvoy too ;) )

Miss you EM, God bless you!!!

xoxo~ paola

3:59 AM  

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