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Monday, July 28, 2008

C'est finis

Et je suis desole un petite. Hasn't quite hit me yet. Have a splitting headache, esp. behind my right eye. Thank God for tea, Kristen's book Birdwing which I just got to cracking open, family, showers, Borders' Cafe and The Dark Knight later to see, As You Like It on the Common on Wednesday, and other means by which time may be filled because it is no longer filled.

I love my R&J cast. I wish they could have seen the show not through a lense - it was great. Must off. Books to read, time to spend, plays to write, rooms to clean, pictures not to look at for a while. Oh, good golly. The ending music of Dr. Horrible sums up now.

Mood: "Are you hurt-ed Wendy?"
Music: Mental "Here lies everything...."
Thought: But last night, after coming home with Peter (great conversation with Peter), got a great song: "Hello, world/Though you don't know me yet/I am coming to you/And you'll never forget me now." This on the heels of Friday night's song that came with the refrain: "Open your heart, let me in, let me love you and/Open your arms, let me in, let me love you and/Open your ears, may I say that I love you/Although I've been called to elsewhere tonight/Although I've been called into elsewhere." Mary Poppins. I go where I am needed. Thank God for Our Town - and who would have thought I'd say that?
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