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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Breathing Again

By happy accident, ended up directing tonight and widening the pull of the swirling black vortex. It's like breathing again. I'm about to go into hyperdrive:

  • Birdie goes up not this weekend but next

  • English Made Simple starts rehearsals Wednesday of tech for Birdie

  • Then I have a week off, where I'm going to Steubie-U for with Jules to clear the brain and reconnect (and hopefully pitch musical theatre)

  • Then I'm back for a week only doing English

  • But the following week, on Wednesday, I hold auditions for Wallace's Will after which I run to Boston for another English rehearsal

  • Then I'm into rehearsing two days a week for WW, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with two more Wednesdays full of going into Boston after WW to rehearse English

  • Then it's performance week for English while still rehearsing WW

  • Then it's four more weeks of WW, judging on the Thurs., May 15th, performance on Sun., May 18th

  • And right into auditions that Tuesday, May 20th (and Wed., May 21st, and first read through Thurs., May 22nd) for Romeo and Juliet.

    And I wouldn't have it any other way. YES.

    Mood: Fwah
    Music: None - although my brain is trying to tell the rest of me that my fingers are cold and I should do something about that
    Thought: This directing tonight, getting AJ for English (only need one more guy, Lord! Amen!), acting last night - which was a blast (I directed in class, too, which was fun but not as...well, as the acting). I have acting thoughts. I'm not sure I want to publically blog them - because the subject is so raw for me that after I act I feel - naked, exposed, one big nerve, in need of a soothing word or affirmation or something - it's delicate for me and I need to talk it out with someone, I think. Anywho - but yes, so good to be back and drawing people into my swirling black vortex. Je susire.


    Blogger Anne Pelrine said...

    Once more into the vortex, dear friends! Somehow, I never experienced you directing while I was at Steubie with you. Well, except for Living Chess. Other than that, no. That might be an experience worth having some day. Anyway, best of luck with the vortex!

    6:48 PM  

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