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Sunday, July 29, 2007

The sincerest form of flattery

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-YEAH! OK, so I just came back from dragging Jules and Pete to the last night Shakespeare on the Common's run of Midsummer Night's Dream. Praise God, it did not rain. Praise God, we got a good spot to put our seats. Praise God, I actually had enough brain power to even jot down the beginning of two songs for the beginning of Echo and Narcissus. Praise God, most of all, that - despite the fairies being dressed in dead muppets, and bad pseudo-disco music, and a really stupid non-set (I'm all for minimalism - but someone had his Peter Brooks mojo on waaaaaaaaaaay too much!) - that, despite everything, we stuck it through and saw the end. Praise God we saw the "Pyramus and Thisbe" section of Dream because...



Yayayyayayyayayyayayyayayyayayyayayyayayay! Happy, happy, happy day!

No, they didn't steal the philosophic underpinnings or Belle or anything huge (the more their loss - really - exit, pursued by a muppet!), but they stole two little bits that in all the Dreams I've ever seen - and I've seen quite a few, thankyewverrrymuch - I've never seen in any but my own. HA! HA HA HA! I am the evil ovenhead! HA! To whit:

  • Bottom saying: "He...she...shim is to come" when referring to Flute/Thisbe's entrance. Somewhere between Matt and myself and lots of laughing at Ryan playing a girl, this was born, and kept and NOW WAS ON THE FREAKING COMMON! BOO YEAH!

  • Quince consistently correcting the actors - most particularly when they say "Ninny's" for "Ninus's."

    This was bit that I came up with when I was playing Quince my senior year at a cabaret night performance. My reasoning for it was double: playing Quince, once I'd done with my prologue, I had nothing more to do, and wanting more to do (like any other actor) I thought I might correct the actors as it went on. There was precedence - in the second scene of the Rude Mechanicals, Quince makes just such a correction to Flute - so I just extended it to the final scene, too.

    Second: I thought if Quince was correcting, it would make the actors' mix-up of lines more intelligible to the audience, since a modern audience would not get the jokes otherwise. When our director, Mr. Dougherty, took over the direction of the scene, he asked me to do a lisp, which produced a hilarious "Ninutheth." So when I directed the play (see below) in 2004, I had Jess try a lisp. That didn't work out too well, but she was able to lisp that one word. This version is on YouTube.

    AND TONIGHT QUINCE LISPED ONE OF HIS "NINUTHESSSSS" (because he realized that he hadn't meant to lisp it - but it was a dead give away to me that HE HAD STOLEN FROM ME!!! Huzzah huzzah!).

    I know it's silly, but I feel just as elated as if one of my shows were on Broadway. That I'm being ripped off in such a huge venue means that my stuff IS good! Ha! Hahaha!

    So, I'm off to frolick. Thank You, God, for giving me this. Amen! Alleluia!

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