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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Benedictine Happy Days

I stumbled across this video at The Lady in the Pew which celebrates "Motu Proprio" happiness (aka, Pope Benedict XVI's recent document which allows for and encourages the Tridentine Mass [High Latin Mass] over the bastardized Novo Ordo Mass [modern "folk" masses, etc.]). There's a lot of joy among Catholics, which naturally, get the secular media and the liturgical brownshirts up in a knot. Ppppppptphppth! Huzzah, Papa!

Mood: Meh - pas mal, mais pas fantastique. Sois etre.
Music: White noise
Thought: Errands...must run errands...must remember to play a middle C when my pinky plays an A...isn't stream of consciousness curious...and why Turkey Bologna? Isn't that both biologically (and geographically) impossible? These are the jokes, folks.


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