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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Things I Now Know

  • Unnecessary anxiety is remedied by allowing others to aid you

  • I'm falling in love with Una Voce Poco Fa (well, maybe I knew that already)

  • God really is bigger than the boogeyman (see above)

  • The reason why I can't move on with The Sable Valentine is because I need to write up Luce's end of it for a full account so I can then do Giselle's partial account. Oh for multiple POV's!

  • Things Are Doable

  • I have more fake flowers than I thought. Enough for not two, but three boxes (one of which being solely Christmas flowers). Back to Walmart for me!

  • I had forgotten the joy of hairclips and bangs. Silly things, but true.

  • And all really will be well, and God makes the most incredible sunsets....

    Mood: Mieux. Tres mieux. Merci, mon Dieu, pour ma mama, et, s'il Te plais, protege Pierre, Papa et de tout cette weekend. Ainsi soi t'il!
    Music: Currently Ever After but it's a looooooong playlist of background music to which one may write
    Prayer: God keep me ever in this mind, amen! (So some family member or 'nother may escape a predestinate scratched face!)


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