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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Auditions: Having Fun

Alina Saez, a handful of shows ago, came in early to auditions, went right up to the whiteboard, and wrote out helpful tips for auditions - the last of which is always, "Have Fun!"

There really is no better advice than that. A large part of feeling comfortable at an audition is to go in with a sense of "Let's just have some fun." It's then, when you're not looking at yourself and how you're doing and trying to gauge how you are against someone else (who may not even be a "rival" in the director's eye for you!), it's when you're focused on making the whole process enjoyable for all present that you often shine. (Rather like Matt and Maureen when they read for Ophelia and Hamlet...respectively.)

Why? Well, because all theatre is not based in examining how one is doing, but rather is engaged in "encountering the other." That means that you aren't trying to be "angry," but rather you're trying to "tease" or "crucify" or "command" another person. And if you, the actor, feel "angry," its because your acting partner was doing their job changing your emotions. Acting is like a game of catch. You don't catch the ball because it threw itself at you, you catch it - you adjust for it - because your partner threw it in such and such a way.

So, as y'all are preparing for auditions, come in to have fun. Come in to play with each other. We're all just kids again, and that's kind of nice, huh?

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