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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Oh happy day

With joyous glee! We will away and married be!

Nothing like a little mental Gilbert and Sullivan, coupled with editing, Mom's new mac & cheese, the full compliment of Snyders at home, and confession followed by adoration to raise the spirits.

And in the spirit of blissful giddiness and unlooked for joy, the chase scene from "The Matchmaker." (Nearly done with Act IV! I should have it soon and very soon! And, rewatching's really...quite pretty. The play, I mean, or our version of it - not ness. the following silly scene.)

Mood: Tres tres mieux, tout grace et adoration a notre Pere! Amen!
Music: Rambling bits of mental fluff
Thought: SO have the coolest "Romeo and Julietish" idea for the graveyard scene for "Much Ado" that ought to reconcile the lovers in the public heart! Huzzah!


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