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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Help! I've fallen into...

...a space-time continuum and can't get out!

An interesting theory on Lost over on Doc Jensen's blog by guest blogger J. Wood sparked an idea in my own brain (riddled not as much with Hegel as with Augustine), which explains God, Heaven and why among all relativity, I love only Einstein's.

"For some time, Brookhaven National Labs has been doing some experiments to prove the idea that there are more dimensions to space than we know, and those experiments require massive amounts of electromagnetic energy. The short version is that it has to do with Minkowski space — that's the three-dimensional Euclidian space we know + time as a fourth dimension. A physicist named Minkowski realized that by considering time as a component of space, Einstein's special theory of relativity worked out just fine (and Einstein explained his theory through the twin paradox). The Brookhaven experiments may be confirming that there are multiple dimensions that we're existing within...

''If time is part of space, our conception of time is way off; time doesn't move so much like an arrow, rather all time is occurring at once. We just don't experience it like that, just like we don't experience all space at once, but only experience our immediate space. Besides, if we experienced all time at once, that'd really twist our heads."

The difficulty has been this:

  • We know God is "outside of space and time," i.e., He created them and therefore is not moved by them except by will (i.e., His incarnation, etc.)

  • We know that Heaven, being God's abode, is also somehow "outside of space and time" (at least as we experience it now).

  • If we are truly going to live [sic] "outside" of space and time, that seems to imply, by our current experience of space and movement

  • No movement certainly accounts for why we would not abuse our free will if in Heaven against God (there would be "no time" in which to do so)

  • However, this would also mean that we could possibly be "frozen" forever, which doesn't sound so Heavenly.

  • BUT, God has promised that Heaven is perfect bliss

  • So, either, we'll be happily Han Soloed or...we don't understand God and Heaven and how it'll all work.

  • My bet's on the latter.

  • But, if instead we will, like God, experience time and space in Augustine's ever-present now (see above explanation) then we do not lose movement or variety but in fact are capable of experiencing every temporal and spacial happiness.

  • Which means, possibly, that when we fell we sort of shattered time? Hence aging? Hence the need to be "born"? Certainly the need to die. I'm still working on this part, but our understanding of time certainly helps our understanding of our preternatural state and our ultimate purpose.

    Right, enough thunking for me today! Hip hip hurrah for space-time continuums!

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