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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's really rather delightful

When one discovers a character who simply pops out of nowhere and starts babbling and becomes very real, very definitive, very quickly in one's mind. Thus is Zanistrov Kletz from The Sable Valentine (wrote almost 2000 today thus far! Woot!). An exerpt below of his introduction:

In the time I spent wondering at the door without, Maundy and Aloysius had checked and readied their pistols, speaking to one another in those significant, steely glances that men about some important business are wont to use. They breathed some sort of count, whereupon Aloysius pushed open the door, pistol at the ready, finger on the trigger, and murder in his eye.

“I do hope you are unacquainted with the mechanism in your hand,” a cheerful voice called out. “It would be most inconvenient just now to ruin this coat.”

Tee hee hee! And now to wait it out for Lost. Huzzah!

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Thought: WRITING! Huzzah! Finally, I can start suffering and write that symphony!


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