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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Did up the first cut

Of "Going Under" (aka Ophelia's death) last night/this morning. Um.

It's good. Very good. But the ending part of it is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too dark right now. Like - ew. (I mean totally, ew. Gross. A la Otto.) Anywho, and the difficulty is that I feel like I used up all of my good shots in the first half - by good I mean, not well-framed but rather film of good, sweet, wonderful things. So, to rectify the bleakness - because we do want some hope here that Ophelia didn't end with a whimper, I did some pick up shots with the glass bowl, a rosary, a fake diamond ring, and Julie's made-up eyes and wonderful hand. Also, I think I'll show Ophelia's life (the good portions of her life) flash before her eyes - because I realize you don't actually need all that much of her actually under water to get it in the brain. The brain is a wonderful organ and will fill in the details quite well on its own! I'm going to cut some of the struggling, too, and just go from Gertrude throwing the nightgown at Ophelia straight to being in the bathroom. *shiver* It's working - but is Gertrude ever evil like whoa.

One wonders if this will inch me back to watching Pride and Prejudice for its medicinal properties? All good. Soooooo doing comedies after this!

A good quote to round out the blog. From Monk last night: "And Emily...." "I'm not Emily. I'm Caitlin." "I don't care! You're all Emilies now!" There was something from Psych, too, but I can't recall it.

Mood: Take right index finger. Apply to lips. Make "bdptbdptbdpt" sound. Shake head and repeat.
Music: Crepescule playlist
Thought: Oh, silly Emily and sleep. Et pensee redux: Waffle bowls are from God.


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