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Friday, September 23, 2005

I Hab a Code im by Doze

Although I sincerely hope it isn't a cold - not this early in the year! Utterly spiffy cast. Mucho funno. And - family.

Spent an hour in adoration, all by my onesies in church yesterday. Much needed. Meeting Fr. Jonathan tomorrow morning to just recoup. Lost and Dancing with the Stars are better than tonic.

Must remember to bring renderings in for Monday. Brain completely shot at the moment. However, apple cider is from God - a sign that Autumn is finally here.

Mood: Shadowplay
Music: Vanity Fair
Question: "Whether 'tis nobler...?"


Anonymous Julie said...

We should do something sufficiently autumnal when the leaves start take a drive to the Berkshires with the camera and some autumn outfits. The Camera Fiend strikes again!!

10:38 AM  

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