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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Inspirations for As You Like It

So, I thought I'd put in a few things which are inspiring me at the moment. Visually, I'm thinking of frames and boxes. In the beginning, Duke Senior, Rosalind and Orlando will be boxed in separately, to "Que Sera Sera" by Pink Martini. I love that the music is haunting (I first heard this rendition on Dead Like Me, which pilot a friend showed me), and just a little off. Among the things we'll see:

  • Jacques center stage, on what will later be revealed to be a tree stump, delivering the first few lines of "All the world's a stage" while Duke Senior, Rosalind and those on his side watch.
  • Then the usurpers come in and take over, literally boxing in Rosalind and throwing Duke Senior behind a frame/box
  • Simultaneously, Orlando will be stripped of his finery and put into servant's clothes, also in a frame/box
  • Rosalind will be stuffed into a corset and will have her left hand tied behind her back while Duke Frederick and Celia take their thrones
  • Duke Senior and his men will break free

    What these frames will lead to later, though, is Rosalind's first meeting with Orlando (with Rosalind maybe dressed in Orlando-like clothes?) something like this (Rosalind being behind the frame), so that Orlando meeting Rosalind is something like meeting himself.

    There's an Alice in Wonderland element to it all, both in dress and in the looseness of the plot past Act I. Also look to the Paramour video, and the Lolita look in Japan.

    One of the things that I'd also like to include is some modern songs for Amiens interludes. I'm definitely using "Whistle for the Choir" for one of the songs between Touchstone and Audrey (possibly taking the place of the weird "We've killed a deer!" song that had politcal overtones but is pretty useless for our purposes).

    Other songs I like are:

    I'm sure there's more - but this is a good start!


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