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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things I am thankful for

...despite my blue car, Belle, being certified near-death (exhaust gone after a major gas leak - carbon monoxide, how I loathe thee!), my computer continuing to be oddly on the fritz, and finances always in flux, there are many things that I am thankful for at present:

  • Tartuffe. Even though I'm a little panicked over costumes and other production-y things, and we're into off-book after Thanksgiving, but regardless, I'm psyched to be doing this play.

    One of the interesting things about it is that I thought I knew this play very well - what it looks like, where its edges are, the characters, etc. - and at auditions something happened that made me think there was something quite a bit deeper than the farce I'd been envisioning. So, I cast according to that glimmer, and what I've discovered since is that although I'd thought for nearly half my life that this show was an ornate puzzle (onto which I was going to put a sprig of parsley for that 3D-look)...that, according the cast, the show is actually a giant model elephant made out of intricate origami. Basically, I've been following my actors through the sudden labyrinth of the play, my main contribution seeming to make sure The Funny is still there. (As opposed to the Twelfth Night with Helena Bonham Carter which, in its pursuit of deeper themes, forgot the play was a comedy.)

    It's also wicked fun to be in these outrageous outfits. I'm actually placing the show about 80 years after it was written. Louis XIV is all well and good, but things got really crazy under Louis XVI! And theatre is nothing if not dress-up...!

  • Having my voice back. I spent the better part of an hour just now singing show tunes - especially from the Rogers and Hammerstein/Lerner and Loewe song books, with the occasional drift into Mozart or Fiddler repertoire. Fortunately, my lungs are back just in time for Scrooge, in which I play Christmas Past and for which I have a high-ish solo. (My first solo as a character! For which I am also grateful.)

    I'd lost my voice between back-to-back tech weeks of Little Shop of Horrors (sound technician) and And Then There Were None (director) with Scrooge rehearsals, Advanced Musical Theatre class, voice lessons, and Tartuffe. The life of a trying-not-to-starve artist is an interesting one, all right!

  • Finishing the editing of Little Women and beginning to edit The Taming of the Shrew!

  • Jamie. The boy is the sweetest!

  • My family.

  • Every time I see another copy of one of my plays is sold - books, or even better, performances!

  • The opportunities to write and direct in Spring 2011.

  • The ability to pay my bills.

  • Framingham drama job opportunities.

  • A roof over my head, food on my plate, and freedom.

  • And less grandly, I am grateful that my photo camera works again - since I finally figured out the battery recharger that had been eluding my oh-so-scientific brain. %P

    Mood: Good. Laundry calls.
    Music: Glee mix
    Thought: I'll do my laundry! Also: I successfully relaxed today. Huzzah!

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