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Sunday, January 09, 2011

When Chesterton was down on his money

He would sigh, pick up his pen and say, "I had better write some more Fr. Brown mysteries." Then he would march them down to the publisher and be able to pay his creditors.

I needs the money.

Today, I went to PAC (incorrectly as it turned out) for the first class of my Advanced Musical Theatre class that I teach (it starts next week - oops!) - and as I was closing the curtains in the performance space there, it struck me that I was walking into a theatre AS MY WORKPLACE. Not a cubicle, not a soul-sucking beige nine-hour drudge, but that I was blessed to work in the theatre. I had a similar thought last Tuesday as I waited in the wings for rehearsal to start. I am blessed to work in the theatre. It pays a wage, although I'm working my butt off for it, and it pays my bills - but leaves no room for more than that. And now that I'll have car payments on top of that...

I need more money.

So, I've been eyeing literature again. I keep thinking: "Ooooh! I'll just sell Not All Wealth aka Presumption and all will be hunky dory. Or I'll write a few more knock-offs of Jane Austen novels and sell them...maybe under an assumed name.... Or, I'll just write crap and sell it." But I've never been able to go through with happily writing crap and selling it. I get about a chapter in and then give up on the whole thing.

Buuuuuuuuuuuut...The Sable Valentine. I wonder if I could privately NaNoWriMo that after all? Stop freaking revising and tweaking the beginning...I know I need to revise it; cut it down; become more intelligible - but I need to just freaking WRITE it. And then send it off. Get an agent. So I don't forget, I like she of here.


Mood: Too many projects. Not enough time!
Music: Gaelic Storm. No wonder I'm in an MS writing mood!
Thought: (Singing) God, I hope I get it! I hope I get it!
In other news, though: b/c the class begins next week, I got to go to confession with Father Mike...and it was wonderful.


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