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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Lull Between

So...I realized today that I'm a little more than a week away from directing And Then There Were None with the Framingham Community Theatre adult group. Terribly exciting, a little bit daunting - directing a mystery requires more than just straight-forward requires directed red herrings. Especially for something so well known. But I'm looking forward to the challenge and to working with new folk.

Getting my ducks lined up for other things, too: an interview to teach at Providence College (fingers crossed, y'all!), finishing details for the Hudson High Play (some TBD there...looking at length of show; length of rehearsal time; craziness of student schedule; roles for women, costume and set limitations - y'know, all the usual questions that pop up), about to start editing The Taming of the Shrew, which made for a very enjoyable summer, and all that jazz.

Oh! I also finished editing The Romancers - which was much fun to look back on, because it was a great cast with a great attitude, and a fun script with a swordfight. (I've been getting back into period stuff, lately.) I've a bit of the first few minutes below:

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Thought: So, God, a vacation?


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Hey Leo, good photographer ya got!! Max

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