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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Theatrical Musings

So, we just started ATTWN - very exciting, first play in the round! - and I just finalized the calendar for Tartuffe - which play I've been waiting fourteen years to put on. Longer than the eleven years I waited to put on Hamlet, or the twenty-three years I waited to put on Romeo and Juliet (still waiting on Les Mis, twenty-two years and counting, as well as Man of La Mancha coming in at twenty-six years...and still.very.waiting...). But it's all good.

I'm also pondering Summer Shakespeare, reading plays and considering what might be best. An idea basically bashed its way into my head yesterday, but I'm not allowing myself to make any decision until I take the theatrical temperature in January.

In the nonce, I'm going to be teaching a Mini-Musicals class for middle and high schoolers at PAC (Performing Arts Center) in Framingham - the same place I'm directing And Then There Were None for FCT (Framingham Community Theatre). Looking forward to seeing how it develops!

Sunday, after ATTWN rehearsal, I went to Boston to see the lovely and incomprable Brenda, and as I walked down the Common on that first crisp Autumn day, as we ate and talked theatre first at P.F. Chang's and then at Finale's, as we strolled the Garden (willow leaves impossibly green in the lamplight) by moonlight and streetlight and dreamed of MFA's and modern operas and all sorts of things, I realized that I'm really closer to living the dream than I had anticipated - or rather, that things were more possible than I'd allowed myself to believe. I hope to keep that hopefulness.

Still waiting on hearing from Providence, re: the lecturer position. We'll see. An interview was encouraging and forced me to put my portfolio together. Haven't written any plays lately, but I've started a novel and hope I conclude it. (NaNo may be my friend.) Since Nachtsturm came out in paperback, I've felt the need to get back to prose and not just plays. That said, I may just write the competitive play - I'm debating adapting "The Last Leaf" by O'Henry, or writing another chapter in Lilynimble Merryweather's plays. We'll see - May is a ways off.

Theatre is a good thing. A very good thing, indeed. And I am grateful I'm allowed to enter into these worlds again and again and again - and more, to bring others through with me.

Mood: Terribly excited - theatrical vision(s) quickly clearing
Music: "Shattered" by Trading Yesterday
Thought: Long talks with Kristen are much to be desired!


Blogger knezmom said...

Oh, Kathleen (in your class this semester) LOVES Les Mis - you have to do that one!

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