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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Caramel has nothing on me

Randominity, semi-obscurity, waiting for Godotity....

  • I have no red velvet. And I am sadder than caramel.

  • The inner lid of my eye has a boil on it. This is also cause for caramel.

  • Break for RED VELVET! (One type, anyway.)

  • Howsomever, some red velvet came my way this morning when Mom dragged me in to her Bible Study to give a mini-lecture on the seven deadly sins and what they actually are. We laugh, because I do love giving this particular lecture - not out of morbidity - but out of specificity. It's a really great tool for examining one's conscience. And it was loverly to give a lecture again. Felt the swing of things.

  • This week, one of my favorite classes was done in a sort-of-lecture format (we've been previously doing very hands-on work). The classes themselves didn't work as well as other times, and what I learnt was that for a lecture class to be successful, the lecturer must really really love what he is discussing. Also, he must have a sense that what he is saying is true and is worth sharing. There is a form of false modesty, or a perpetual self-doubt about the very existence of truth, that makes lecturing - if not impossible - then at least not as interesting. But I've been to many a lecture that's been fascinating because of the conviction and jocularity of the lecturer. Just kind of interesting observation.

  • I'm being called "Em" by one of my teachers (acting, not the one above). I find this amusing. And rather endearing. And completely in character for this teacher who, I think, doesn't even realize that she's fallen into a diminutive with me. Which makes me realize (again) how much students really notice about their teachers that their teachers don't realize they're doing.

  • Saw the Jane Austen Book Club movie this afternoon. Meh. Perfect for the price. Cute - some bits awfully cute - more of a focus on Emma with attempts at Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility with strains at Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey and Pride and Prejudice right out the window. Hugh Dancy (le sigh) was in it, reaffirming that American accents on British actors are the new pink, while Emily Blunt (doing the same) went and made herself one of my new (and few) female actor icons. The woman is terrific. And whoever clothed her in the movie did a faboo job. And I love how the British will just lose themselves in a part. Every other actor up there were doing variations on a theme of themselves (or at least previous parts). But Emily Blunt ruuuuuuuuuuuled as Fanny Brice-ish French teacher. La la la! (She was supposed to be Anne in Persuasion, but clearly the author knew nothing about the book. Really.)

  • This...commute. Is tricksy. And long. And makes for unpleasant Emilies of an evening. And for difficulties with fully delving in either way. Which is somewise good, somewise not as great. But all, c'est ca. No acting outside of class for the Emily. Boo schedules and trains and money and lack thereof. C'est ca. I wish I actually knew French.

  • Am debating taking a pilgrimage out to Steubie-U in mid-November. Just to go out there and exist and retreat. Why November? Because that's when the mainstage play goes up, natch! And tickets are of a goodly price.

  • Still trucking away at Snow Queen. Got a bit more, yesterday, while freezing in my driveway. Not that I needed to be freezing in my driveway, but I got out of my car after running an errand and it happened to be freezing but it was also beautiful out - very Autumn - with the leaves and the brilliant clouds and four verses for Gerta popped into my head, so I sang them so I'd remember. Hence, the freezing.

  • Still sadder than caramel for her red velvet. Poot poot poot. And homework of the Monday night variety (boo unexpected anti-philosophy of evil!) is staring me in the face. If I had red velvet *coughcough* I'd be...well, I'd be behind in my homework but miles ahead in happiness. C'est ca. Ca ca ca ca.

  • ARUGH! I just want to put on something true and good and beautiful and...forget all this nonsense! Right! Washing my hands of all this weirdness! A Dieu!

    Mood: Piratical
    Music: My printer, which is convinced I have no more black ink, even as it prints the pages and pages and pages of unfounded reasoning I have to read. Grrrr.
    Thought: More and more I am enjoying my Thursday night class. The acting exercises we are learning. And wondering how/if/when I can employ them.
    Thought Redux: I hope Wednesday's observation at Hopkinton is interesting. I think it will be.
    Thought Ducks Redux: I should, I think, so like to expand the Drama Major at FUS. But then, I could just be yearning for FUS. But who knows.
    Final Ducts Redux Ducks: Dear God - AMEN!
    ETA: Oh, thank Heavens for this! Too funny!


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