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Friday, October 05, 2007

And you stay, and you stay

And you never go away
From my garden

Yeeeeeeeeeeees, precious. Finally, I can start suffering and write that symphony! Or opera in my case. I've been feeling Snow Queen-y the past few days - planned out the first three-fourths in one of my classes, began writing lyrics (and memorizing the basic tune) during the break of another class, and spent a good hour and a half on Thursday banging out that section and writing down chords and being generally inspired.

And so I'm working on that song (Gerta's song to Kay in Act I, which will also be sung by the Summer Queen in Act III - nearly word for word, I think) and I just got the best idea for the opening choral with solos number that, get this, makes fun of Endarkenment philosophers! YES! Great books program coming in waaaaaaaaaaaaaay handy! Huzzah!

So, off I go to write a different version of the Philosopher's Drinking Song. Must brush up on my Heigel. (Betcha Cole Porter never wrote that ditty!)

Mood: Exhilerated!
Music: Mentally repeating the best, kick-butt part of Gerta's Act I song, that goes...
Like this: And summer's always in bloom for us
And winter's frost is always far from us
And you stay, and you stay, and you never go away... my garden.
(It sounds much better sung. The chords are very moving.)


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