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Thursday, October 11, 2007

And the pretty lights keep dancing

So, Monday night I had off - huzzah! Tuesday, I went in to see a tech rehearsal (read: open dress) of Marat/Sade at Emerson's Greene Theatre which is this wonderful little black box of a theatre. Tonight, I saw Wicked at the opera house which is...not a little black box of a theatre.

And as I came home, I listened (on my new iPod! *griiiiiin*) to King of Fools - because it was that kind of night. And as I was rocking out through the Common to "No I Never Could Dance With You" (see below) and, I'm sure, making an utter fool of myself with my spastic jazz hands and funky footwork, all I could think was: "Hey, this isn't half bad! Hey, this is pretty good! Hey - why isn't this on Broadway already?!?!?" (OK, well obviously it needs trial runs and workshopping first, buuuuuut...)

Now, Jules laughs at me, the Epiphany Fish, because as I was downloading Guys and Dolls earlier this week in anticipation of really getting down to brass tacks on editing that for Christmas/New Years, I was stunned that there wasn't more audience reaction to the jokes. Now G&D is clearly a better quality show - both in terms of its longevity in the canon and in terms of the resources HCH had - and is pretty funny I think...but folks just weren't laughing. And it struck me: KOF had people laughing nearly all the time. Like, giddy laughing. And that was with a first-run non-workshopped I've-got-a-barn type thingummy - and no one knew the script or score going into it - and a lot of lines got lost - yaddayaddaydda - but people really really laughed.

Which is encouraging.

Oh. And I'm having major theatre withdrawal. I seriously need to be involved in a show now. You know it's bad when you're lying awake at night, thinking: "Hey! Maybe I could just do a guerrilla performance of Antigone next semester in the vault at Emerson. Yeah. That wouldn't take much. And maybe I'll make it half-ballet. And maybe I could write music for the choral section. And maybe and maybe and maybe...." (Because when I think small, I think big.) Need-theatre-now. Not just watching theatre. In theatre.

But it's all good, too. Because I'm learning. And I have time, now, to stop suffering and write that symphony (as mentions of Snow Queen have shown). It's all good. All good. All good.

And now, mesdames et monsieurs - bon nuit! Je dur aller a ma chambre. Faire des beaux reves!

Mood: Prowly.
Music: Aranjuez! Bearskin foreeeeeever!
Thought: Oooh, I need to revamp Bearskin. The creative coffeepot of the mind is percolating with no hopeful mug in sight, much to the consternation of sugarbowls everywhere. OK, the theatrical coffeepot is overflowing. The poetic? Not so much.


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