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Saturday, September 22, 2007

So I Know I Can Dance!!!

Or, at least cheer really, really fangirly loudly at each successive dance on the tour. Despite traffic and panic making us half an hour late (really 15 minutes late since there was - THANK YOU! - a 15 minute hold! Nice to know we're not the only ones some days), it was faaaaaaaaaaaaaaanTABulous! I screeched, I screamed, I can't hear anything out of my left ear. I cheered for shirtless Neil, shirtless Danny, and a shirtless but cape-ful Pasha. I cheered for effortless lifts and beautiful lines and fantastic pirhouettes and plastered on smiles and energy that was clearly waning by the end but clearly being forced to be lifted regardless. I cheered for jazz hands. And those WERE spirit fingers! I am one happy little duckling. I am a duckling that wants to work with those beautiful people and improve some of their choreography and take them further in expressing character through dance and movement and gesture and voice and being and soul. BWAahahhahahhaha!

Le sigh. And all is beautiful and glorious and full of grand jetes!

Mood: Tres tres tres heureux!
Music: None. Ears are still ringing.
Thought: And a prayer - I really needed that. Thanks, God.
Recent Realization: After going to the address/lecture last night with Mom at Assumption College...what I need isn't intellectual reinforcement, it's emotional.


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