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Monday, August 20, 2007


I'm reminded of the faaaahbulous Anton Ego in Ratatouille as he answers, when asked what he wants to order that evenings, "Perspective." Tee hee hee and le sigh. Good movie.

So, last night, I downloaded one version of Much Ado that I had to return to its owner today, and since I had nothing else to do whilst it downloaded, I put myself to the task of organizing by year/show/angle/etc. the videos of my shows. And then these boxes went into larger boxes which were labelled so: 1999-2004, 2004-2006, 2006. 2007 is in its own box.

Holy cow! I exclaimed (silently) to myself. And then I decided to tally what I had done between those years. No wonder I'd been stressed. It's one thing to say, "17 shows in the past five years" - it's another to see the physical proof of those shows. Add to that the unceremonious and egregious treatment at the hands of a certain establishment, and it's no wonder the bags under my eyes have got bags - and those bags are toting Pradas. To whit:

  • 1998-2000: 2 shows (directed), 1 original; performed in 3 shows, various scene work (directed & performed); graduated FUS

  • 2000-2002: 1 show (directed), 1 musical 425 kids, various choruses, pageants, etc., ran preliminary theatre school 3 sessions w/ performance; 1 year teaching K-8

  • 2002-2005: 9 shows (directed), 4 originals (1 repeat), 2 Shakespeares, 5 musicals (2 operas), various choruses, talent shows, pageants, excursions, etc.; performed 1 show; closed theatre school after 2002 performance; began teaching high school & voice

  • 2005-2007: 8 shows (directed), 2 originals (1 repeated), 2 Shakespeares (one Hamlet), 1 ballet, 1 musical, various choruses, pageants, etc.; took voice as well; taught high school and finished; FOUNDED GAUDETE

    So, am/was I tired? You bet your bare bodkin. And stressed? Well, thanks to May 10th and that ridiculous, just a wee bit, aye. But it's good to put these things in perspective.

    And now that that bit of naval gazing is done (I can never see that phrase but I think either of oranges or sailors), a bit about the RenFest. So Pete and I got up at (for us) a ridiculously early hour, bundled ourselves together - he in black with the cape Jules made for him and his double swords, me in black with the dress Jules made for me and the bodice she bought for me - and set off through the Berkshires and the Catskills to Sterling Forest where we had us a grand time.

    We were just in time for my favorite sea chanty group, the Crimson Pirates who, joy of joys, have a fourth album out. Huzzah! Wandered about a bit, visiting shops and gracefully getting out of them when each one proved waaay too expensive, and then hopped on over to catch Midsummer Night's Dream which was the shortest version I'd ever seen (my ear kept feeling like the record was jumping) but which was much fun. After that it was more wandering, an OK magic show, eating crepes and sausages, watching various minstrels, dancers, and more minstrels, drooling over costumes, and finally heading on home through the Catskills and the Berkshires. Nicely nicely day.

    Amusingly, the Faire is 30 years old this year, and I remember going to it (yikes!) 20 years ago for my 10th birthday - one of the highlights of our first year in New Jersey. There are embarrassing pictures somewhere of me absolutely falling in love with the lady playing Maid Marian that year. She had on this velvet green dress - oooooh, so pretty. And she taught me how to curtsey. That's the sort of thing a girl can coast on for years. It's as good as unicorns.

    And now it's time for voice lessons, so I'll wander away from Memory Lane (which is a real lane in our town and is, ironically - as Jules points out - a dead end). Ta!

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    Anonymous The Southern Belle said...

    Miss you immensely. Sitting here imagining you in RenFest garb...and us both in RenFest garb 15 years ago. And how odd it is that the only thing I'm runnin', m'lady, for is another daggone meeting. This has been bar-none the most awful school beginning ever, for a variety of reasons...and yet I am zenlike calm itself. I am bound and determined to call you this weekend, probably tomorrow evening or Saturday when I get done with putting my classroom together. Miss you excrutiatingly.

    11:58 PM  

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