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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Videos

ETA: Whole of Pooh available now. Three weeks and counting - oh, God.

Mood: Confused - slightly surly, slightly not
Music: R&J soundtrack
Thought: Well, at least I've got two more bridges and the last (?) verse of my anti-Cinderella song. Lyrics below. Imagine the Evanescence sort of sound.

  • Strike of midnight
    Golden beauty
    Running up the steps
    She just ran down before

    O, these slippers
    Cut into me
    And I'm bleeding from
    A hundred wounds
    Once more

    She came a little late
    And found him in the
    Arms of someone
    Else, well,
    She can wait
    Until the bells ring

    One, two, three, four
    Five, six, seven, eight
    Nine, ten

    Strike of midnight
    Old enchantments
    Are unravelling in
    Grey tatters to
    The floor

    Still these slippers
    Cut into me
    And I fear that I
    Will love, never
    No more

    Time's a fickle thing
    He coughs when you would kiss
    And then again,
    He lengthens time
    Like this:

    One, two, (etc.)

    Strike of midnight
    Skies are falling
    Into scattered stars
    Upon the fields
    Of grass

    And these slippers?
    Left behind me
    In the shards of
    Broken time and
    Shattered glass

    Run and hide you
    Seek and find but
    You're too late for

    Spells and magic
    Have no power
    If you're late by
    Half an hour

    Last bit insert here

    Once, two (etc.)


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