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Sunday, May 06, 2007

This reminds me of that Woody Allen routine

Where, had it not been for the bullet he carried around in his pocket, the Bible thrown from the window would have killed him.

Very interesting story about iPods being the new Kevlar.

Peter's confirmation today! Hudson High's Cabaret last night (for which I had to play for two of my girls who did very well - my nervous, shaking fingers notwithstanding). Music lessons Friday. Prom, prom reception, Peter's concert and fun with the tedium of the law on Thursday...followed by Spiderman 3 that night (which was great fun). And next week, HCH's Cabaret, followed by a week from Monday Freshman retreat, and very soon coming up Graduation (with all attendant practices and Pirates).

May? A busy month? Naw.

Mood: Woot Pete!
Music: Cranial "What a Wonderful World" a la Supernatural
Thought: To do or not to do...mind is blown by casual intermissions and harried runs to music centers...I trust I make myself obscure.


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