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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

HA! Creativity abounds!

Well, at least greater will to do than to slovenly be. More costume renderings done, many more colored. Stayed after and actually went through all my loose papers in classroom and made significant headway in the cleanage-uppage department! (Many thanks to commentary tracks a la The Office: Season One.) And just, after letting my brain slowly rot on Dancing with the Stars and American Idol, sat down to the piano and came up with a TOTALLY amazing arrangment for "Pardon, Goddess of the Night" for Much Ado. It easily segues from Em to C to Em to...Ebm! And back again, until the second half where it randomly goes into this cool G#m (after being in good old Em for a while) - and singing notes not completely in the chord - I'm doing 9ths and stuff! Woot! It's all very aqueous and prettiful and moody and haunty and niiiiiiiiiiiice. Much more sophisticated than most of my pieces. Hoopla! (Oooh, and there's this nifty part in F#m that uses the sixth, down to the augmented sixth, and finally to rest on the fifth. Ha ha haha hahahhahahahhhahhahah! [That thar is the sound of a manic sometime musician laughing in the collective faces of the elite.])

Anywho, I feel awfully vindicated for Monday night's post-play flopsiness. Now if I can only get myself to fall asleep....

Mood: Mieux mieux mieux!
Music: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Greenday - not really aprospos of anything
Thought: I do so hope for no drama in drama, too. *sigh* Looking forward to Much Ado but still splendidly enjoying time off. I keep thinking, "Oh, this is how everyone else's life is every day." Huh.


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