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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Day Two and Counting

Day Two of Resting After Easter, the New Adventures of Doing Nothing for Two Whole Months! Huzzah huzzah! Of course, by doing nothing, I actually mean being....

Mood: Improving
Music: "Take On Me" - yay for happy 80's music!
Although: Now that I listen to the lyrics, perhaps it's only the music that's happy...huh.
And: Getting work done is difficult with visitors. However, visitors are far more welcome than cleaning.
Which is to say: I'm amusing myself by drawing costume renderings for Much Ado and coloring them in. "Back in our day we made our own coloring books!"


Anonymous Jennie said...

Yes, but the question is: are you being sneaky under the cover of numbered shrubery or not? I'm thinking signboards on each bush with a number... actor math, right? (Technically, I'm not an actor yet, so I feel justified that I'm not making fun of my own math skills! yet...) Anyways... very interesting videos. I liked the middle one a lot! Hugh is VERY good at memorizing his lines - we should show that video the first day of off-book during Much Ado as an example!


9:26 PM  

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