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Monday, August 30, 2004

More Thoughts on Power

(And no, really, I'm not an evil ovenhead...just keep repeating that and all will be well!)

After considering what I wrote below, I suppose it could be summed up thusly: power is power. It's not an attribute that originates in gender, race, creed or any other arbitrary division. Power comes from the soul, from how one is created, from personality. Like charisma, "it's" an attribute. The mother in the kitchen, the cool kid in the sandlot, the good teacher, the unofficial head of friends, the motivator in the board room - and yes, even among slaves, among the oppressed - perhaps even moreso among them, for those who are born to lead become stronger when the stakes are higher. To demand the "right" to a personality attribute is pointless. What I'd like to know is when we're going to start loving each person for the individual that he is, and encouraging him (or feminazi her ;P) to be whom God created him to be. That is a worthy goal: to make each man king of himself.

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