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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More Ham

Or rather, the return of Glorielle! Yes! My car is back. Glory, glory, hallelujah. So God continues to provide despite nunskullitry.

Mood: Bon, merci
Music: Again, the diametrically opposed "Just a Girl" by No Doubt from the Ophelia Mix
Dad's Insight: Part of the reason that Gertrude can't bear to even look at Ophelia, besides 1) Ophelia "stealing" the love of Hamlet away from Gertrude and 2) Gertrude being afraid that Ophelia is angling to take G's place as Queen and 3) Ophelia's very existance being a threat since she knows everybody's "dirty little secrets" (since she's been at Elsinore and has had nothing to do but observe) and 4) Gertrude's fear that if Ophelia remains alive that will keep Laertes incensed enough to seize the crown himself - is that, as Dad pointed out (duh), 5) Gertrude has displaced anger towards Ophelia by seeing her (Gertrude's) own affair with Claudius mirrored in Ophelia's canoodling with Hamlet. Basically, while Gertrude is thinking to herself: "How could this harlot besmirtch the virtue of my perfect son?" what she's also thinking is: "I am that harlot and I passed on that weakness to my son. All that's rotten in the state of Denmark is my fault." And y'know what - it really is. Huh. Geesh.


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